November 17, 2015 psweeze

Why the Triple Bottom Line is important?

Recently I was pointed towards a preview for a documentary, The Millennial Dream. I remember watching this last Spring and was excited to see so many people within the province that are interested in retaining and recruiting millennials to this province. Everything rang true, the need for companies to put an emphasis on triple bottom line, that our small population allows us the agility to pivot, and that our local businesses are the key to solving our systemic social problems through an entrepreneurial mindset and approach.

In my new role, as CHAT’s Entrepreneurship Mentor we have made Social Entrepreneurship a main pillar of our programming, and have found the reactions of the students in the classroom really encouraging. As someone who has taught for almost a decade, I can honestly say, the engagement I have seen around this content has been inspiring. This generation truly does care about more than a paycheque.

As I watched the trailer for The Millennial Dream again I was incredibly surprised that the messaging aligned so well with what I’ve been teaching in the classroom. Getting students to comprehend the value of the triple bottom line, and why caring about the people you work for, the planet you live on, and the profits you make all having equal importance, is essential to a thriving and successful company in New Brunswick.

Finally, having people like Greg Hemmings, David Alston, and Karina Leblanc leading the way with movements like the Millennial Dream, is incredibly valuable. I am so proud to come from a province that has leaders who believe in this message, and am humbled to be able to serve on the front lines, connecting with today’s youth in classrooms across this province.

If you’ve never heard of the documentary, or the movement I am referencing above, I encourage you to check it out below.