March 16, 2015 psweeze

What does a connected educator look like in 2015? #EastCoastEd

I’ve been mulling over the ideas brought up during last weeks #EastCoastEd all week, while reading reading Steve Johnson’s book Future Perfect.  This entire book has provided examples about this new network age we live in, as well as describing the architecture that comprises it. And one thing that has resonated with me this week is the concept of the Legrand Star (centralized) network versus Baran’s network (distributed) with no distinct central point. It was definitely a light bulb moment when I realized the impact that traditional networks and organizations can have on creativity and innovation. As we shift from a media and information model that is transitioning from a push format, to more of pull format, the outer edges of the distributed network will become more and more powerful. A perfect example of this is the advent of the counterculture news agency VICE News and their new journalistic approach (you can watch their response to stories in Kiev, and Venezuela).

In an age where the outer nodes of the network are becoming increasingly more powerful, it is paramount that students establish a personal brand. From Trades to the Corporate world, it is important that students recognize the value of crafting a positive personal brand. Whether you want to become the Linchpin, as described by Seth Godin, or just want ensure you have a successful and meaningful career, establishing that brand will create lots of opportunities for the road ahead.

Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work. – Seth Godin

Finally, last weeks conversation reminded me a lot of what Steven Johnson wrote about in his book Where Good Ideas Come From. In his TED Talk above, you can see his explanation about the impact of the coffee house in London during the mid to late 1800’s. This space was where ideas could get together and collide. This environment facilitated new learnings and inspired an innovative period that lead to many discoveries. The new networks that exist online are creating a coffee environment house online, creating connections and fostering innovation at an alarming rate.

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You can check out the rest of the conversation below on the storify story below.

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