January 21, 2014 psweeze

If Content is King, then multiscreen is Queen

Multiscreenworld Final


Killing time after supper last night I stumbled across this article by Ingrid Lunden on Tech Crunch. It’s one of the first times I’ve seen a break down of multi-device usage, which lets face it, is a common occurrence for most of us throughout the day.
The thing that surprised me the most wasn’t the fact that we went to our phones first for our initial research but how long we stayed with that device before making the switch to a laptop or other desktop. For me what this indicates is the true power of the smartphone. They truly are remarkable. I know it’s true functionality hasn’t reached Canada yet, but I still am blown away every time I see a Siri commericial for the iPhone 4S.

So what does that all mean though? Why does it matter that smartphones have this capability? Well as an educator and a nerd I just love thinking about the possibilities. What does this mean for our classrooms and today’s students. So much has been made about bringing education into the 21st century and I believe that it can be done. There are already a lot of efforts being made already even here in New Brunswick. However, as seen recently in Peru, this is no easy task…


If we are to transform education and truly give students a chance at competing for the 21st century workforce we need to start preparing them better for it. And it doesn’t have to cost that much. If we give our students a chance to learn how to use their mobile devices as springboards for deeper learning we will be taking that first step in the right direction.

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