Graduation day at UBC’s beautiful campus

50262942_00201_0361_XLargeThe past two years have been an amazing journey. I can’t say enough about the University of British Columbia’s Masters in Educational Technology (MET) program, and am truly grateful to all the professors and staff that make the program what it is.

The MET program introduced me to new concepts, and new learnings that I have already been able to implement in classrooms throughout Anglophone School District South. However, what made the program so unique were the students I collaborated with on numerous projects. Working with colleagues from across the globe I gained a lot from the many conversations and different perspectives that were shared, especially those enrolled in the program that were outside K-12 education.

As an educator I feel we are at a critical moment. This is a time for tough conversations, and I feel this masters program allowed me to facilitate a lot of them on a weekly basis. I will always be indebted to the entire MET faculty, and their dedication to keeping the content relevant and up to date.

Now to find the next challenge.