September 15, 2015 psweeze

Caveat Venditor (Seller Beware!)

With the ubiquity of the Internet, two things have become increasingly more apparent. Buyer beware, has transformed to seller beware. Generation Z, and the subsequent generations are more sophisticated consumers, with a propensity to form brand loyalties to socially conscience enterprises. Secondly, this trend has become more influential towards their career path decisions, and the companies and organizations they choose to work for.

The CHAT to the Future Entrepreneurship program focuses on these new developments within the business ecosystem. The three pillars of CHAT are sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and global citizenship. Using our origin story to inspire students here in New Brunswick, we look to support teachers with our Full Entrepreneurship Program, as well as our Cross Curricular Program for those that wish to add a new perspective to their world issues, economics, or environmental science course.

We encourage you to look at last years results and to ask us any questions about both our programs. We love going into classrooms and sharing our origin story.