The Moonshot Blueprint: why the #SuperPowerChallenge matters to New Brunswick

KN-C23643         12SEP1962
President John F. Kennedy Address at Rice University in Houston on the Nation's Space Effort.  Please credit

The world is familiar with JFK’s eponymous moonshot.  His call to action in 1962 at Rice University demonstrated his confidence in American innovation and ingenuity, and his belief that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  I recently found an article on Medium, that was penned by Astro Teller.  It had me reflect on the purpose of taking moonshots, and what we can learn about it here in New Brunswick.

Astro Teller leads a team of scientists, programmers, engineers, military personnel, and dreamers, all of whom share a vision; that no problem is too big or complex to avoid.  In his article, he shares some of their stories, but more importantly, he talks about their failures.  Astro describes in detail, the main ingredient of their secret sauce, “We spend most of our time breaking things and working to discover that we’re wrong.  That’s it.  That’s the secret.  Run at all the hardest parts of a problem first.” Read more

Why the Triple Bottom Line is important?

Recently I was pointed towards a preview for a documentary, The Millennial Dream. I remember watching this last Spring and was excited to see so many people within the province that are interested in retaining and recruiting millennials to this province. Everything rang true, the need for companies to put an emphasis on triple bottom line, that our small population allows us the agility to pivot, and that our local businesses are the key to solving our systemic social problems through an entrepreneurial mindset and approach.

In my new role, as CHAT’s Entrepreneurship Mentor we have made Social Entrepreneurship a main pillar of our programming, and have found the reactions of the students in the classroom really encouraging. As someone who has taught for almost a decade, I can honestly say, the engagement I have seen around this content has been inspiring. This generation truly does care about more than a paycheque.

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The importance of agility

Today I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to all of the Entrepreneurship 110 Teachers in the Anglophone sector. I was invited by one of the authors of the recent curriculum revamp, Sarah Jane Smith. Although the event was live streamed, I purposely went to Kennebecasis Valley High School in the hopes of meeting other stakeholders within the Entrepreneurship and business coursework ecosystem. I wasn’t disappointed, and in fact found the morning very enlightening. Read more

Caveat Venditor (Seller Beware!)

With the ubiquity of the Internet, two things have become increasingly more apparent. Buyer beware, has transformed to seller beware. Generation Z, and the subsequent generations are more sophisticated consumers, with a propensity to form brand loyalties to socially conscience enterprises. Secondly, this trend has become more influential towards their career path decisions, and the companies and organizations they choose to work for. Read more

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