Where does coding fit in the classroom? Part 2 #EastCoastEd

As I reflect back on the Canada Wide Science Fair now, I can distinctly see tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators together in one space; showcasing the ideas and products that will be the backbone of our economy. I remember the last night we held the closing ceremonies and I had the great fortune of being seated at a table with several students from a school in Toronto. After the introductions the students were curious about the projects that had brought them to such a prestigious event. One project that stood out amongst the crowd was a project that I wish I had to foresight to record. This was my game changer, the TSN turning point. When he started his explanation I thought I was getting an elevator pitch, as if I was an investor. This kid was on. He didn’t care who I was, he’d practiced this pitch and recited it as if it were wrote memory. Read more

St. Malachy’s Memorial High Video Morning Annoucnements

This past year I was lucky to be involved in the development of video morning announcements at St. Malachy’s Memorial High School. Working collaboratively with the administration, the student council, and the teaching faculty, we were able to find a new format that was effective and engaging for all those involved.

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Gaia Project at St. Rose

The Gaia Project believes that students learn best when engaged in doing, thus empowering them to find a creative solution to a problem that has very little in the way of constraints. This is true at all levels of education – elementary, through to middle and high schools. The goal is to have students contribute to sustainability planning throughout all levels of their public education.

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