3rd Annual Sociallogical Workshop

“Everyone now has blind spots as there is too much knowledge for any one person to master. And so, when it comes to social media and what a business should do with it, very few know what they need, who can provide it, and how much it should cost.”
Jeff Roach, Sociallogical

This quote sums up quite concisely why workshops like the one Sociallogical offers every fall are integral to any one within the marketing, business, and nonprofit sector. As someone who prides himself on keeping up with the latest trends within social media, I have to be humble and admit that I have my own blindspots. Having personally gone through the online content myself, it definitely highlighted areas that were new to me.

SocaillogicalNevertheless, the content alone can only take you so far. As someone who has worked in the capacity as a mentor the past several years, I truly value the impact and influence this model has. Having the opportunity to discuss either one on one, or within a larger group, often leads to new discoveries, or new learnings that would not have happened in isolation. This workshop is a great value, and I am really looking forward to the conversations that arise during each of the sessions; I encourage you to come with questions in mind. In addition to the three evening sessions, there is an additional one on one private session as well.

As new platforms and trends emerge each month, it is hard to stay abreast of what will work best for your agency, company or organization. Deciding on a strategy that works best for you is essential. Managing your social channels shouldn’t be a chore.

I look forward to seeing you there. Remember to come prepared with questions, and a healthy appetite. Early bird price closes tonight at 11:30.

The importance of agility

Today I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to all of the Entrepreneurship 110 Teachers in the Anglophone sector. I was invited by one of the authors of the recent curriculum revamp, Sarah Jane Smith. Although the event was live streamed, I purposely went to Kennebecasis Valley High School in the hopes of meeting other stakeholders within the Entrepreneurship and business coursework ecosystem. I wasn’t disappointed, and in fact found the morning very enlightening. Read more

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