Research Plan: Managing culture and communication during the implementation of “Ontario Online”. A case study of the University of Waterloo and the University Course Committee.


The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities just recently announced $42 million dollars in funding for the development of Ontario Online. The purpose of this organization will be to create a non-profit organization that will facilitate the development of a one-stop shop for all post secondary online courses for both Universities and Colleges in Ontario. This is a radical strategy that intends to foster collaboration between and amongst Universities and Colleges to create and redesign courses collaboratively with the purpose of alleviating redundancies in current courses as well as fostering greater transfer credits between Institutions and sectors.

This is one of the most ambitious attempts to integrate and support online learning at a provincial level in Canada. It has numerous implications for future developments in other provinces and has the potential to be a flagship program that can be replicated. I am proposing to do a case study of the University of Waterloo’s Center for Extended Learning and it’s involvement in the inaugural year of Ontario Online.

This University has been at the forefront of Institutional change with regards to the development of online learning. I wish to address the barriers and drivers to e-learning projects, specifically focusing on faculty development and engagement. Read more

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