ETEC 522 Final Assignment: BBM & Blackberry education

Currently there are a number of different messaging apps that are in use across the globe. Apples iMessage, Japan’s Line, China’s WeChat, Silicon Valley’s WhatsApp, Waterloo’s BBM and Kik Interactive, Microsoft’s Skype and Lync as well as Google Hangout are all messaging systems that have garnered different corners of this market, however, there is no one clear leader of the pack.

For the longest time BBM was seen as the frontrunner for all enterprise and corporate users that wished to have secure group and individual conversations. However, the past five years have not been kind to BlackBerry and in 2012 and 2013 more and more smartphone users outside of the Blackberry world have been anxiously anticipating the release of a BBM app they can use on their devices, but to no avail. The former administration didn’t understand the current climate in this market and when CEO Thorstein Heins vetoed the rest of the board from pursuing this, they lost a huge portion of their users and left the door open for other devices and messaging services to take its place. Read more

ETEC 500 Article Review: Preparing Preservice Teachers in a Diverse World, Action in Teacher Education


The article as written by Lenski, Crawford and Crumpler and involves a topic that garners little discourse in the world of pre-service teachers and beginning teacher induction programs. However, the authors of this study contend that it is a major area of concern that should dominate more attention and one that requires more in depth research and study to reconcile the issues arising due to the increase in diversity of today’s classrooms.

As stated in their introduction the national average of white teachers in the United States is over 90%. The issue facing pre-service teachers entering the profession is that classrooms are becoming increasingly more diverse and that current education programs are not adequately preparing them for that reality. The authors contend that any programs that currently purport to be address this are following a model that encourages teachers to adopt “difference blindness” and view each student not as individuals with different heritages, religious beliefs, or The authors of this study try to address this issue with the creation of the Beyond Awareness Project. This project contends that if pre-service teachers are trained to act as ethnographers as well as teachers, they were tasked with learning more about their own culture, and becoming participant observers that learn about their students cultures, religious practices, social-economic status, and how they can use this to see their students as individuals. This perspective would then allow them to guide decisions in the classroom. Read more

Analysis and Comparison of Rationales for eLearning

  1. Virginia Tech E-Learning Strategic Plan-1 
  2. West Valley College Strategic Plan for E-Learning


The two institutions I decided to dissect are the West Valley College and Virgina’s Techs plan. Both universities primary focus is to expand on fully online distance education courses as well as provide more blended courses with enhanced multimedia enrichment.

With the overwhelming amount of options available to higher education institutions, it is pertinent that due diligence and proper attention be given to the various offerings that currently exist in this domain. Numerous post-secondary institutions have realized over the past decade that the need to develop strategies and methodologies designed to take advantage of these new offerings.

In a recent article posted by Clay Shirky on the issues facing Higher Education, he addresses increased tuition costs, and how as a result of a series of temporary solutions over the past 40 years they have created a crisis. These decisions have been made in order to preserve a set of practices that have been in place since their existence. Shirky contends that tuition has risen steeply due to various factors. One of which is the competition between universities to entice the best and the brightest. This has caused staff sizes and faculty numbers to balloon and lead to the creation of unnecessary facilities and labs: and today’s students are footing the bill. Read more

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